Set up zyxel travel router in client bridged mode

Tom's hardware thread where this was discussed

Solution update: To enable Client mode (to bridge my existing wifi network to Ethernet), follow these steps:

  • Flip the switch on the ZyXEL's side to AP mode.
  • Log in to the ZyXEL's setup page @ (the directions recommend giving your computer a static IP address first,
  • From the sidebar, click Wireless>Basic Settings
  • Look for the "wireless mode" setting halfway down; click where it says "AP" and pick "Client" from the dropdown menu and then click "apply"
  • From the sidebar, click Wireless>Site Survey
  • Click the Site Survey button on this page to refresh the list of wifi networks in range.
  • Click the bubble to the right of your network, and then the Next button to get the password screen
  • Match your encryption method, key length, and type of password.
  • Click finish, and if you typed in your password and settings riiiight... You're done!