April 2020

I really want to increase the size of the sdd in the z620 so that I can snapshot any time I do an apt upgrade for easy rollbacks.

I think everything necessary to remove the drive from mwanafunzi has been done: the virtual group has been deleted along with the logical volumes inside it.

The issue remaining is how to move all the user accounts over. I've moved one user account over before but movign all of them may cause conflicts in UIDs. I think this can be done by first adding the user accounts and then copying the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow entries over, changing the UIDs to match the newly created ones.

I need to make sure to take out the 500GB HDD when I do the reinstall so that the installation process doesn't identify the existing boot partition and keep it on that drive. I want to get everything onto a single disk this time to reduce the likelihood of failure (since I'm not using RAID for the root partition)