January 2020

January 4th

I received the dell precision rack I bought on ebay. The performance is quite good: on linpack the installed e5-2623v3's get 260ish Gflops. I think, moving forward, I would like to augment this with more memory and more cores, especially if this becomes a datascience box and I repurpose the z620 for something else.

I also learned that this machine has full support for nvme boot but requires pcie to nvme adapters in order to do so. Dell sold this with a quad nvme drive called the Dell Ultra-Speed Drive Quad NVMe

January 7th

I attempted to switch my e585 thinkpad from the nvme drive to a sata drive so that I could suspend again. However, this did not fix the suspend issues I'm having. Now, it occasionally gives me a white screen instead of a black screen but the end result is the same: it requires a hard reset using the power button. I removed the sata ssd and put the nvme back in because it's faster and also the only computer I have that can use the nvme drive at the moment. since both cause the same errors, I'm just sticking with what I had. I put the ssd in the precision rack computer, though it still has opensuse installed on it for now.

January 8th

Currently, the disk in the small optiplex server is just floating in there which is a not so great setup. I 3d printed a caddy to put the hard drive in but the way the cable lengths are set up, it wouldn't be quite long enough to reach the power on both the ssd and hard drive at the same time.

I need to flip the holes in the stl file so that the hard drive is in upside down from how it normally is. This will give me the slack I require in the sata power cable to feed both the ssd and hard drive at the same time.

January 9th

iDRAC and proxmox are setup on the dell precision rack 7910 that I got on the 4th. It works quite well. I 3d printed caddies to include in there. One thing that is kind of strange is that there's a slighly rattly sound to one of the fans. Perhaps I'll have to find a replacement. I'm not sure which fan it is.

January 10th

Bookstack upgrade

Upgraded bookstack, apparently I hadn't upgraded it since the initial install in 2018. The upgrade appears to have gone without a hitch.

Container migration onto moja

I am unable to migrate containers from mbili and tatu onto moja because local-lvm does not exist as a storage device there. I think I will take the 1tb ssd in that node and make it a lvm vg to enable movement of things onto there.

Storage migration of jellyfin

Overnight, I ran a migration of jellyfin from lizardfs to zfs on tatu. lizardfs is great but because jellyfin only supports sqlite, which uses many small reads, I can't leverage my postgres server running on flash. The small reads for sqlite are the worst case scenario for lizardfs and as such the server runs very sluggish. After the migration from lizardfs to zfs, it's very snappy. However, this reduces my ability to migrate it in the future. lizardfs to it's credit has already balanced files away from tatu since lizardfs is sharing the zpool on that machine with jellyfin now.

hot backup

I should probably setup hot backups with a limit of 1 that run every night and backup to lizardfs, this would allow quicker migration despite my diminishing use of lizardfs for actually hosting containers.

I set this up on January 13th

it does backups every day except saturday since I have an existing backup job running every saturday. The shared storage created has a 1 backup limit so this should only hold a backup for the last day.