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Cisco ucs c240 m3

I purchased a cisco ucs c240 m3 on ebay for $195. The unit came equipped with dual e5-2609's, 8gb...

Quanta Windmill node 2

I got another board but it appears to not be working that well. I also got a noctua fan controlle...


The sun set on a dead end job. Just dark. I worked for that job. I gave for that paycheck. The mo...

lxc container setup

I prefer to purge openssh-server and then reinstall it as the default config requires preshared k...

How to control turbo boost inside the operating system

If you would like to control whether turbo boost is allowed from within linux instead of using th...

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How To

I'll put little lessons I learn here.

Git basics

Git is an invaluable tool to programmers and computational linguists alike. Version control is a ...

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Practical Tools for Computational Linguistics

This book is a work in progress. It details pieces of tech that are necessary for Computational L...

Infrastructure log

This is a spot where i will keep track of the infrastructure changes that I make as a way to cata...

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