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Supercomputer info

Carbonate node: 710.223 GFLOPS on intel mkl linpack

Containers on IU supercomputers

Karst, Carbonate and Big Red II have the singularity package available which allows users to run ...

Run docker container inside of lxc container

Create an unprivleged container with nesting turned on Run docker containers as normal


Goals: I want to have a way to store my files for machines that are ephemeral For example, im...

Cisco ucs c240 m3

I purchased a cisco ucs c240 m3 on ebay for $195. The unit came equipped with dual e5-2609's, 8gb...

Recently Created Chapters

Supercomputer tools

This describes some information about the super computer tools that are available at IU as well a...


These are plans for purchases and infrastructure changes

Recently Created Books

Practical Tools for Computational Linguistics

This book is a work in progress. It details pieces of tech that are necessary for Computational L...

Infrastructure log

This is a spot where i will keep track of the infrastructure changes that I make as a way to cata...

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