Server refresh

I would like to get away from my dl380 g7 as it is somewhat loud and quite energy inefficient.

Currently, I am considering two options.

The first is to build a machine for deep learning and then use my z620 as a server.

The second is to use a deskmini as a server.

There are a couple of things that need to be considered.

z620 advantages

  • Air intake from front only, allowing for stacking
  • More memory expansion (64gb with single processor, 96 with two)
  • Much more upgradable (additional processor, 16 cores, gpus)
  • Upgrades are cheaper in general
  • Intel nic
  • More drives

Deskmini advantages

  • Much newer processor architecture
  • Integrated gpu for jellyfin transcoding
  • Much lower power consumption
  • NVMe storage (2x)
  • No intel management engine