Install pytorch-rocm on bare metal opensuse Tumbleweed

These instructions are adopted from section 4 of this page.

pytorch commit 9d1138afec26a4fe0be74187e4064076f8d45de7 worked for some stuff but pieces of allennlp are incompatible because this is pytorch v1.7.0a0+9d1138a.

I tried with 1.5 and 1.5.1 several times but it wasn't working on opensuse. I could have sworn it worked on ubuntu though.

Add rocm repos

Using the files provided by AMD for SLES SP1 per the official instructions.

sudo zypper install dkms
sudo zypper clean
sudo zypper addrepo --no-gpgcheck rocm
sudo zypper ref
sudo zypper install rocm-dkms
sudo reboot

Modify /etc/modprobe.d/10-unsupported-modules.conf to have

allow_unsupported_modules 1

Then run the following, though it's probably not strictly necessary on tumbleweed

sudo modprobe amdgpu

Add your user to the video group

usermod -a -G video <username>

Verify everything is working by examining the output of rocminfo and make sure your gpu is listed.

Create a virtual environment

virtualenv -p python3 ~/venvs/torch
source ~/venvs/torch/bin/activate

Install pytorch prerequisites

sudo zypper in glog-devel python3-pip libopenblas-devel libprotobuf-devel libnuma-devel libpthread-stubs0-devel libopencv-devel git gcc cmake make lmdb-devel libleveldb1 snappy-devel hiredis-devel
sudo zypper in rocm-dev rocm-libs miopen-hip hipsparse rocthrust hipcub rccl roctracer-dev

Fix issues with cmake files for rocm

sed -i 's/find_dependency(hip)/find_dependency(HIP)/g' /opt/rocm/rocsparse/lib/cmake/rocsparse/rocsparse-config.cmake
 sed -i 's/find_dependency(hip)/find_dependency(HIP)/g' /opt/rocm/rocfft/lib/cmake/rocfft/rocfft-config.cmake
 sed -i 's/find_dependency(hip)/find_dependency(HIP)/g' /opt/rocm/miopen/lib/cmake/miopen/miopen-config.cmake
  sed -i 's/find_dependency(hip)/find_dependency(HIP)/g' /opt/rocm/rocblas/lib/cmake/rocblas/rocblas-config.cmake
 sed -i 's/find_dependency(hip)/find_dependency(HIP)/g' /opt/rocm/rccl/lib/cmake/rccl/rccl-config.cmake
 sed -i 's/find_dependency(hip)/find_dependency(HIP)/g' /opt/rocm/hipsparse/lib/cmake/hipsparse/hipsparse-config.cmake

Clone the repo

git clone
cd pytorch
git checkout v1.5.0
git submodule update --init --recursive


This process will take a while (2-3 hours)

export RCCL_DIR="/opt/rocm/rccl/lib/cmake"
python tools/amd_build/
USE_ROCM=1 USE_LMDB=1 USE_OPENCV=1 MAX_JOBS=4 python install

Install allennlp

pip install allennlp
pip uninstall torch
# rebuild torch (very fast this time)
USE_ROCM=1 USE_LMDB=1 USE_OPENCV=1 MAX_JOBS=4 python install

Verify installation

Make sure you get a non-zero value (should correspond to the number of GPUs.

>>import torch