Infrastructure log

This is a spot where i will keep track of the infrastructure changes that I make as a way to catalogue how my setup changes over time.

Team Red Build

Build list: 32 gb (2 16 gb dimms) of 3000 MHz GSkill Trident Z Ryzen 7 1700 Vega 56 (ASRock b...

How To

I'll put little lessons I learn here.

Redirect traffic using iptables

HOST_PORT=3230 PUBLIC_IP= CONT_PORT=22 CONT_IP= sudo iptables -t n...

Make lxd container accessible outside of host machine

The default network connector type is a bridged connector and as such does not allow for outside ...

How to control turbo boost inside the operating system

If you would like to control whether turbo boost is allowed from within linux instead of using th...

lxc container setup

I prefer to purge openssh-server and then reinstall it as the default config requires preshared k...

Run docker container inside of lxc container

Create an unprivleged container with nesting turned on Run docker containers as normal

Lock packages in zypper

To prevent updates to packages in zypper, you can use the al command to add a lock. sudo zypper ...

Installing matrix-synapse on pypy

sudo apt install virtualenv virtualenv -p ./pypy3 ~/synapse/env source ~/synapse/env/bin/activa...

Download from nextcloud using wget

Get a public nextcloud share link append /download to the url wget this new url

Install printer drivers for brother printer in opensuse tumbleweed

Get glibc and associated libraries in 32 bit form. sudo zypper install -y glibc-32bit Downloa...

Install numpy-blis for amd efficiency

conda create -c conda-forge -n numpy-blis numpy "blas=*=blis" python=3.7


Fix errors with empty params list The error ValueError: optimizer got an empty parameter list fr...

Install GTKWattman on opensuse tumbleweed

This is what I tried. it actually doesn't work. I even tried installing gnome and this still didn...

How to use Intel's mkl library on AMD systems

By default, the mkl library will pick a very unoptimal path on AMD processors, causing libraries ...

Install pytorch-rocm on bare metal opensuse Tumbleweed

These instructions are adopted from section 4 of this page. pytorch commit 9d1138afec26a4fe0be74...

Install aftermarket cooler on M40

Use Intel Quad bypass cards (82571EB PRO)

Download latest intel e1000e drivers These drivers are available on sourceforge. Identify the p...

Build pytorch with rocm on ubuntu 20.04

I used rocm 3.8, pytorch 1.6 from the rocm repo (apparently upstream doesn't work right now.).

Enable hibernation on asus zenbook with ryzen processor

I was having an issue where I was unable to hibernate my asus zenbook with ryzen 5 4500u and mx35...

Set up zyxel travel router in client bridged mode

Tom's hardware thread where this was discussed Solution update: To enable Client mode (to bridg...

Get my EGPU to work on opensuse tumbleweed with a framework 12th gen laptop

With the laptop on, plug it in to the usbc cable load into a terminal and load the nvidia modul...


These are plans for purchases and infrastructure changes


Current Machines

Dell precision rack 7910 dual xeon e5-2623 v3's 16 GB DDR4 (1Rx8 PC4-2133P) 1 1TB SATA har...



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