• Since we moved, everything had to be migrated to comcast's internet.
  • All machines were down from 12/7 to 12/9
  • Had to change ip for internal network on router from 10.0.0.X/32 to 192.168.X.X to match previous ip range
    • IP addresses for cluster nodes cannot change so we have to keep the internal network ips the same.
  • I'm now using a tiny linode instance, using wireguard linked back the nginx reverse proxy
    • Largely followed this guide, which requires some initial steps from this guide.
    • Private and public wireguard keys generated using this guide.
    • Seems to work well but jellyfin can't use large files since my upload speed on comcast is horrible.
  • Modified google domains config to remove the dynamic dns entry and instead switched to a static A record.