04 April

Quanta Windmill node 2

Currently, I am running node 2 of my quanta windmill on a different motherboard with the working bios chip. I'm only using two ram sticks (4gb total) and one of the e5-2609 processors. So far everything seems fine. The working motherboard is #3.

The original non-working motherboard is #4.

The numbers are written on the serial tags on the motherboards.

Update for e5-2650's

Unfortunately, the motherboard that was working has a bent pin on the second processor socket. I have switched to the e5-2650 instead of the e5-2609 that was in there and everything seems to be working fine. However, I do not think that adding in another cpu will work given that the pin is bent.

Some of my ram is also not working. I am running fine right now on four of the 2gb sticks but with all 8 put in, the system does not want to boot.


I am working on building a deep learning machine for doing research. I ended up purchasing a z620 for $200 with an e5-2620 installed, 16 gigabytes of ecc ddr3 and a 512 gigabyte hard drive. There are two 16x pcie v3 slots in the motherboard for this computer and two six pin power connectors.

However, most modern gpus require an 8 pin power connector.

6 pin connectors are rated for 75 watts, 8 pin power connectors are rated for 150 watts but the extra pins are just additional grounds. The 6 pin power connectors on the z620 are designed for 18 amps at 12 volts (which comes out to 216 watts). In addition, they provide the three power lines that are needed to feed this kind of wattage. I bought two 6 to 8 pin converters to use with these overspecced 6 pin connectors.

One problem that has came up is that the gtx 980 that I got from Jake requires an 8 pin and a 6 pin connector. This seems like too much since I'd like to have the flexibility to add a second gpu.