July 2019

July 19 2019

Mwanafunzi is listing nvidia-docker, docker-ce, and nvidia-docker-runtime as upgradable packages. Currently, since I am away from home and using this machine extensively, I will not be upgrading these packages. Do not upgrade them until a better solution using btrfs snapshots can be put in place (with redundant boot drives).

July 20 2019

Rebuilt sharelatex from docker-compose files so that it uses the correct hostname. This only became an issue when doing external signups.

I tried to set up smtp with sharelatex so that password resets could be automated but I did not have much luck in getting it set up.

July 21 2019

Running parsing genie on google cloud with port 80 requires running as root since listening on that port is reserved for root by default.

July 23 2019

Git annex sync --content on newly cloned repositories is not working at the moment. It is first saying that

Zen 2 build


Threadripper build


August 2 2019

gave Nick Howell my id_rsa public key which was signed by Fran. The key is in /home/kenneth/.ssh/id_rsa_nhowel.pub on kiti.