Relative pronouns

Relative pronouns

In cases where relative pronouns like ambayo are used, they should be assigned a PRON part of speech tag and use the PronType feature to indicate they are relative pronouns. I currently have these marked as SCONJ and they should not be.

The relative pronouns should not be attached with a mark relation as the documentation points out

it is a normally uninflected word, which simply introduces a relative clause, such as [he] še. (In this last use, one needs to distinguish between relative clause markers, which are mark, from relative pronouns such as [en] who or that, which fill a regular verbal argument or modifier grammatical relation.).

Then the root of the relative clause is connected to the noun the relative clause modifies by an acl relation.

Wasio/walio etc.

These are not actually relative pronouns. Instead, they are pronouns derived from the verb "to be". They are not part of a relative clause, instead they are simply nouns so the dependents of this are the same as any nominal dependent.