Hai's notes

  1. upper limit for num of generations:

S -> NP VP NP:{John, Mary} VP:{eat, sleep}

when I ask it to generate 20 sentences, it generates many duplicates. Of course this simple grammar can only have 4 distinctive sentences. Do we want to allow duplicates? Or maybe set a parameter whether duplicates are allowed.

  1. it doesn't seem to handle Chinese:

same small grammar but in Chinese:

S -> NP VP NP:{张三, 李四} VP:{吃饭, 睡觉}

will results in:


  1. empty lines are not allowed? Any grammar with empty lines will give an error. I think we may want to allow empty lines?

I have fixed 1 & 2 mostly. Some small changes need to be made to CFG.jl to use a font that allows for more non-ascii characters like chinese characters.

3 is not resolved at the moment.