Cluster Buster plan

Goal: migrate from a cluster of commodity cast off office servers to a larger, more reliable server.

Rationale: software defined storage is fun and all but the throughput of lizardfs is very poor and while moosefs is faster, it is not nearly as reliable. High availability mode with shadow masters requires a paid subscription for moosefs while this was included in lizardfs. I'd like to have a more reliable single server and use that instead.

Step by step:

  1. Obtain quorum with current cluster
  • Shutdown mbili so that I can move it off of the cable for nne
  • Plug in nne and make sure it's working
  • Bring mbili back up
  1. Migrate any running containers to tatu.
  2. Shut down mbili
  3. Install proxmox as stand-alone on mbili making a new single proxmox server (tani).
  4. Add moosefs chunkserver and moosefs mount point packages onto new server. (tani).
  5. Add moosefs disk as btrfs storage on tani.
  6. Restore

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